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Tea … is a religion of the art of life.




We have a wide range of teas which are made using Certified Organic Green Tea and beneficial herbs.

We can prepare any customized combination of tea for your company.

Our teas are a unique combination of Organic green tea and medicinal herbs designed for a rich, aromatic and wholesome experience. The herbs used in our tea blends contain such natural compounds which have benefits relevant to the tea they are used in. These herbs have significant properties that can help improve our physical and mental health, benefiting the human body in a number of ways; right from helping in treating common cold and fever to helping in regulating blood pressure or helping in controlling diabetes. Our main aim is to provide the rich quality experience of natural products to our customers. 

Private printing and labelling is available for any desired combination of Tea you need!

We have a wide variety of Teas to offer with private labeling:
  • Certified Organic Green Tea

  • Assam Tea (All Grades)

  •  Moringa 

  • Jasmine 

  • Senna 

  • Chamomile 

  • Mint Holy Basil (Tulsi), Etc 

Single Ingredient

  • Peach green tea 

  • Mint moringa 

  • Turmeric ginger

  • Chai flavors

  • Mango mint/green tea

  • Cranberry green tea

  • Strawberry green tea

  • Cinnamon apple

  • Fennel tea

  • Honey lemon tea

  • Pineapple green tea

  • Lemongrass hibiscus tea, etc. 

Flavoured Teas

  • Kahwa 

  • Earl grey

  • Slimming tea 

  • Digestion tea

  • Stress relief tea

  • Sleep assist tea

  • Kidney support tea

  • Detox tea

  • Anti-diabetes tea 

  • Hypertension control tea

  • Brain boosting tea

  • Immunity tea

Specialised Teas

  • Blood purification

  • Rejuvenating tea

  • Youth tea

  • Laxative tea

  • Breakfast/night/morning/afternoon tea

  • Pregnancy teas

  • Pms ease tea

  • Beauty tea

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Tea bag size can made from 1.2 grams to 8 grams. We can do single chamber tea bags with thread, tag and envelope. And also without thread and Tag - Pot Tea bags. 

Private labeling of Tea bags is available in 3 different packaging: Laminated aluminium, Paper crimped and Pearlized. 

None of our products has glue or metal staple. They are all heat sealed. 

Tea bags can be further packed in Tea boxes, Pouches, Caddies, Jars, etc. as per the buyer’s preferences. For details, contact us!

Tea Bag Packaging

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We have a world-class manufacturing unit with researched Tea Blends for different needs and taste paletes. Our R&D Team can develop fresh new blends for your company and we can also work with your existing Tea blend formula. 

We aim to help your company sell quality products that reflect the essence of the company. 

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Paper Crimped Sealed Tea Bag

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Laminated Aluminum Foil

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Pearlised Tea Bag

Pyramid Tea Bag

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