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A little dose of nature for a better life.

We are a prominent supplier of Senna globally and are the cultivators of Senna leaves with annual production of more than 2000 tons.

Senna is a non-prescription FDA approved laxative. It has amazing properties that makes it a great daily Tea. 

We specialize in Senna Tea Bags with private labeling. We have supplied Senna Tea Bags to various companies around the world. 

Senna-Apex .png
Senna-Apex .png

We can supply premium quality of -:


  • Senna Tea Bags upto 8 grams.

  • Senna Leaves                                    

  • Senna Pods

  • Senna Pods T-Cut

  • Senna T Cut leaves  

  • Senna Leaves Powder

  • Senna Stems

  • Certified Organic Senna Leaves & Pods

  • Senna Extract 

  • Senna Capsules


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Senna Powder packing.jpg
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